Monday, March 21, 2011


Some glimpses of Naomi's 4th birthday party ...
but first, another "Quote by Naomi"

The Day before her birthday
Me: Naomi, tomorrow you get to blow out your birthday candles and make a wish!
What do you wish for?
Naomi: Mmm... I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Me (laughing): Um... thanks but it's not Christmas ...what else do you wish for?
Naomi: Mmmmm....I wish for a baby brother!
Me: ..............

I asked our cousin Tommy to help out with taking pictures on the day of - phew! - so I felt free to enjoy watching Naomi and Noelle play and hang out with our friends. Here are a few photos of our party prep and some snapshots of the details.



Pretzel Sticks

Party hats,  a special request from the birthday girl... 

Party Hats
I am officially in love with all things made of flags!
Flag Garland

Sign made by Stella Lee, Craftmaster PhD. Stella helped me make all the crafts and set everything up - thank you soooo much!!Sweet Treat table

Marshmallow Pops


Jelly Sticks

Naomi was over the moon about her party and didn't even nap before coming - the girl just couldn't sleep! (Party was held at My Gym, same place as JJ's party last year.)

Thirsty after all the playing!

Enjoying a video playback of the festivities with Stella
Looking at video

Bliss is eating a marshmallow on a stick

Fairy costume for the birthday girl~ they let her pick it out and I'm not surprised that she came out wearing all pink!
Fairy Princess

A special big thank you to Tim for watching the girls while mommy ran errands, to Stella for burning the midnight oil with me to craft away, to Tommy and Julie for taking pictures for us and helping clean up, to Bass and Diana for picking up food and always helping out with our girls, and to my in-laws who gifted Naomi with this party. 

And of course, thank you to all our friends and family who have made Naomi's four years so amazingly wonderful  - we miss all our family in Seattle and wish they could've joined us but thankful for all our new friends and family down here in CA - we are blessed. 

For those of you planning parties, all the party decorations were inspired by the talented creatives out in blog world...check these blogs out for some eye candy!
Hats:  Oh Happy Day
Marshmallow pops:  Hostess with the Mostess
Cupcake toppers: Butterflyfood 
Jelly sticks: avery and augustine 


  1. Loved of the pictures! Those hats...oh my...cute! Thanks for the links...gonna check them out. Happy Birthday to your little girl too! :)

  2. I just found you through another blogger I found. Took a quick stroll through your blog. Your pictures are gorgeous. Such great party ideas too. I look forward to following.

  3. What an adorable party! The hats and flags turned out so well! Thanks for the mention! Love your blog.

  4. @Jaime - Thank you! Yes, check all the links out, they will make you want to bake and craft away!
    @Misty - Nice to meet you! Thanks for following! I checked out your blog too and love that you put up tutorials - I'm sure it's a lot of work, but it's so helpful :) Hope to see more of your blog!
    @Michelle - Thank you~ I found you through 'Hip Hip Hooray' and was so inspired by your party; it was beautifully done. You have such a great eye for design!

  5. Beautiful party Socks! Happy belated birthday to Naomi from Gina emo! <3

  6. i love it! =) great job sako, i'm sure naomi and kids had a blast =)

  7. @Gina - thank you~ miss you!
    @Jess - thanks! They did have a blast but I think it took Tim and me a couple of days to recover haha

  8. love all the cute little details and the color scheme! naomi is such an adorable little princess. =)