Monday, March 14, 2011

P is for Print

I take a gazillion photos.
Like you didn't notice.
I rarely print them!

I am a hoarder....
....of digital images (hanging head in shame, while typing).
We should start a support group and call Oprah.

For my parents and in-laws, this is a cardinal sin.
Why take a bunch of photos of their precious flesh and blood and NEVER PRINT THEM?? 

Personally, I can skip around tra-la-la-ing in digital images all day long and never feel the need to print a single photo. I can just look lovingly at my shiny external hard drive and be content. 

Well, this is where my talented bloggy friend Jenny Chien came to my rescue! She did an awesome giveaway on her lovely blog - a $60 Groupon to Blurb - and I won! Luckily, I had a Blurb book all designed and ready for print from 2009 (yes, I realize it is now 2011) - and it arrived in the mail this week :)  

Thank you so much Jenny!



2009 was a significant year for us - a new home, new baby, new school, new church - so it was especially important that I documented all of it.
The book ended up being a whopping 150 pages - did I mention I take a gazillion photos???

2009 album



Off to mail these goodies to rainy Washington....
and now on to getting our 2010 album completed!
Happy printing my fellow momtogs!


  1. Sako! I think your pictures are beautiful and the photo year-book is such a cool idea :) I love your blog, so witty!! Always a welcome break from studying. :)

  2. I do the same thing! I have to make a goal to print the pictures I take. :) Love your photos and the book. One day I will do one myself...have to make that a goal with a deadline. :)

  3. Mel - Thank you~ I'm glad you can find a break from your studies at my blog :)
    Sharon - I'm glad I'm not the only one! It's so hard to not only take all the photos but then to organize and print them - I need to make deadlines for myself too!

  4. thanks for sharing some glimpses at your photo book~ looks sooo awesome! i'm a total photo hoarder too...need to work on that! so happy you were able to finally print your books. =)

  5. Thanks again Jenny!!! I love Blurb!