Monday, March 7, 2011


My daughter says some wacky stuff.
She's almost four, very verbal and has no filter, which means either knee-slapping hilarity or mortifying public announcements.

I've decided to start blogging about some of her statements (with an accompanying photo of course) - partly to remember it and partly so you can laugh (or cry) along with me. God surely has a sense of humor and some of it spills out in the things kids say.

I'm calling this series:


... so if you see these posts spring up once in a while, get ready to hear pearls of wisdom come forth.

Today's Topic: Opposites
Photo: Big Japanese HK and small Hawaiian HK

Last week, Naomi was practicing the concept of "opposites" at the breakfast table.

Naomi: Mommy, I'm big and Noelle is small..that's opposites right?
Me (with some pride): Yeah, you're right, good job! 
Naomi: Yeah, like how Daddy is tall....and you''re FAT! Is that opposites too Momma?
Naomi: Mommy mommy, is that opposites?!
Me: haha (fake laugh).. no, you mean Mommy is shorter than Daddy right? That's an opposite. And don't call people fat, that's not nice.
Naomi: Why?
Me: Because it's rude. Eat your breakfast.

Have a great week everyone, and remember, 
it's all fun and games until someone uses the F word.


  1. Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh today. Allie has gone through something similar and has since amended the F word with "big". Not sure if that's much better tho.

  2. Cute picture...enjoyed the story.

  3. haha!! i love it! oh naomi...i'm sure allie will be saying the same thing soon!

  4. Thanks ladies - I'm glad other kids go thru a similar stage! I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. LOL~ only a cute kiddo could get away with that! =P

  6. Jenny - haha seriously, she gets away with A L O T sometimes!!