Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comfort Food

What's your favorite comfort food?
I  L O V E soups.
Any kind.
But they must be piping hot. 
There is nothing more depressing than lukewarm soup.

Well, today I stayed home from church because my littlest was sick ...

Quiet WM

... so resolved to make a nice comforting soup for my babies.

Hopped over to Pioneer Woman's blog and decided to try her Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika recipe.
Beef and paprika - match made in heaven.
I think if Tim would oblige, I would name one of our kids Paprika. 
Paprika Pak.
Anyhow, I don't have beer on hand (gasp!) but did have some red cooking wine, so I just used about 1/4 cup as a substitute. I love that PW uses photos for every step - for a visual learner like me, this is a huge help AND it encourages me to get out of a cooking rut. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday with their families and friends~

Beef Stew



  1. Love that top picture! I've never been a fan of beef stew....but your pics might change my mind!

  2. Thanks Jaime! I'm such a sucker for food photos! Although I think I will stick to photographing people...I could totally see myself dropping the camera in the food by accident!

  3. so in love with your photos! taking food photos is so hard~ you make it look like right out of the pages of a cooking magazine. at first i did a mini double take...did she take these or are they from somewhere? lol!

  4. Thanks Jenny! YES, I never realized how hard food bloggers must AND taking photos at the same time...serious respect for them.