Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Special Haircut

Was going to cut it myself, but the first time I did that - she was 1.5 years old - I completely butchered it...think helmet head or very-cool-triangle bob.
Tim wisely suggested taking her to Sonya, this awesome lady at Supercuts that cuts his hair.

Thought it'd be a fun experience for our little girl - she was SO excited (and a little nervous) and felt like a little lady.
Another seemingly small rite of passage that means my little baby is growing up way too fast :( Moms, you know what I mean right?




Excited to see the cool animal print smock~


The peanut gallery

Daddy and N watching


Usually scared of the blow dryer sound, but told me, "It's ok mommy, she can do it!", with her brave face on.


Her new do - she asked me if her aunties at church would notice that she cut it~ such a girl!

New Hairdo