Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning, Naomi fell down the stairs that lead up to our 2nd floor apartment.
And by fell, I mean somersaulted.

I literally saw it happen in slow motion.
One little trip and then like a stunt man, down she went.

I was at the top of the stairs, holding Noelle and our bags, and there was nothing I could do but watch her roll, bump and thud all the way the down. It's a sick feeling.

Thankfully, she was already a third way down the stairs when it happened and didn't land fully on her head. A bloody elbow, a scrape on her head and hip, but nothing that a few gigantic mommy hugs and a big band-aid couldn't fix.


Well, come dinner time, the girl is ready to go and full of energy, like nothing happened. 

So I've decided to nickname her "Wolverine". (If you've seen X-Men, this makes complete sense - if you haven't, then yes, I'm a weirdo who names her children after hairy beasts.)

Here are a couple of shots of my little fountain-of-youth from this evening...
(Tim took them around the block so that I could cook in blissful silence - a HUGE help.)

Ready to go

Before dinner


  1. glad to hear she's okay! we had a major scare with my niece a couple of weeks ago too... eek.

  2. Oh no~! Seriously, they can get hurt so easily, I forget sometimes!