Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I love to see

A little sticker placed on Noelle 
that says,
she not just attended Toddler's class at our church today..
but she was prayed for by her teachers.

Prayed For

In fact, she had such a good time there, 
she conked out in the car on the way home!



A gentle reminder to me that taking care of little ones
involves so much more than attending to just their physical needs...


  1. Love this post! And totally loving the second shot. She's so blissfully conked out!

  2. Oh ...that is just so sweet! What a neat idea to file in the back of mind for later.... :)

  3. @ Michelle - thank you! I hope you are adjusting well to four! You inspire me that it can be done!
    @ Jaime - yes, I love that they printed it out and stuck it on the kids - so reassuring as a parent!

  4. you inspire me to take better pictures!

  5. Thanks Jess! You have always been one of my biggest encouragements on this blog with your comments - thankful for you :)