Monday, July 18, 2011

Nighttime Routines

If you have kids, what's your nighttime routine like?
I don't usually have time to leisurely pick up my camera and take pictures while getting the kids to bed (does anybody??) - but I knew if I didn't, I probably never would. 

So here's a glimpse of an evening in the Pak house ...

Right now, Naomi likes to wear sunglasses in the tub...oh to be four again.
Fun in the Tub
Then some impromptu hide and seek between the girls...
Hide and Seek
Sisters playing

Then getting some milk from Daddy and giving him a thank you kiss...

Daddy love

...and finally gathering her favorite blankie and bottle
Ready for bed!

Blankie and Bottle

By this time, Mommy was ready for bed too :)
Hope everyone's having a great Monday~

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