Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twenty Two

Today Noelle is 22 months old...

Pretty much after she hits two, I should probably stop counting her age in months.
Or I'll just be one of those moms who are in denial that their child is no longer a baby - they'll say, "oh yeah, she's 32.2 months" and watch people get confused as they try to do the math. 

Some words to describe little N at this moment in time....
She has 'second child' written all over her.
Here's a shot of her at almost 3 months.
Looking all gentle and mild....
almost 3 months

and now at 22 months...
...the real Noelle appears.

22 months

Noelle-y, this expression is SO YOU at this moment...
I hope you look back on this photo when you're a bit older
and laugh at how much attitude you had!


  1. Love the little description you gave of her. :)She does look like alot of fun in that last picture. :)