Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A look back at some photos I took for my brother-in-law's family this past summer... yes, I said summer! I was so swamped with other sessions that I had to put photos I took for my own family on the back burner...they have been so patient and understanding, thank you guys! Don't be surprised  if you see several older sessions popping back up on the blog in the coming days~

Roman was a bundle of energy at this session and was joyfully trotting/running/scampering about - it was fun chasing him around and catching his many expressions! 
Sylvia and Jimmy, we miss you guys very much; N&N can't wait to see Romy again~

IMG_1908 WM
IMG_1810 WM
IMG_1881 WM
IMG_1834 WM
Roman and Fam
IMG_1915 WM
IMG_1892 WM
IMG_2136 WM
IMG_1920 WM
IMG_1962 WM
IMG_1965 WM
IMG_2019 WM
IMG_1953 WM
IMG_2079 WM
IMG_1949 WM
IMG_1979 WM
IMG_2123 WM
[taken at the Park at Bothell Landing]

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