Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Afternoon sun

A glimpse of how my girls nap... Naps are only for a season (oh help me Lord when that season is over) so wanted to capture it.

Big sis on the left in their room, little sis on the right in ours...they sleep together at night, but I found they slept much better in the afternoon when I separated them! Since their naptime is when I get my work done (ie. blogging/editing, cooking, cleaning, reading, and ok, maybe I should include just lounging on the couch, surfing the net and relishing the peace and quiet if I'm honest), synchronizing their naps was high priority when Noelle was born! Can any moms relate? 

Here is Naomi wanting to kiss Noelle before going down. (This may sound sweet on the surface, but was more of a stall tactic.)  

IMG_7215 WM
Noelle in playpen
IMG_7218 WM
IMG_7240 WM

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