Monday, January 9, 2012

Catching a Ride

[Taken on the morning of our sixth wedding anniversary]

The girls love to catch a ride on Daddy's feet and be carried around the house.They've been sick, so playing inside the house has been frequent these days.
One day, I told him, they'll be too big to do this. Probably next year actually. Naomi is growing like a weed. 

IMG_7257 B&W WM
IMG_7275 B&W WM
IMG_7264 B&W WM
IMG_7282 WM

 I will always remember this day.... six years married and the kids still fit on Daddy's feet. 


  1. must be a great workout. P. Tim's legs look trim and fit.

  2. LOL it IS a great workout..I tried doing it and couldn't even lift them!