Thursday, January 19, 2012

J and D - Save the Date

J and D are getting married! 
They are dear to our hearts...D teaches Naomi in our church's preschool ministry (where she is wildly popular among the little girls I might add) and J is my cousin-in-law's brother, so part of our family! For anyone that knows them, these two are awesome, and together, they shine~*
So excited to see how God continues to bless them in this journey they're on!

Since D already knew what kind of Save the Date card she wanted, it made it easy to shoot just what we needed (plus a few extra fun images of course)! We sent a million emails back and forth and when she showed up with a "value size" confetti bag, I was so happy! 
Also, our mutual friend Jane from Jane: An Event Design & Coordination Co. is coordinating their wedding - I know she will do an amazing job pulling everything together and excited to be there on their Big Day to see it all come to fruition!


Confetti 2
IMG_7135 WM

IMG_6940 WM
d+b 5
d+b 2
d+b 3
d+b 4

Their final Save the Date image (envisioned by D)
Save the Date For BLOG

Congratulations you guys~
The Pak family loves you!

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