Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When I bake with my kids

(which is not often enough)
several things are guaranteed.

IMG_6013 WM
1. Playing around with the bakeware. Mask? Hat? Drum? The possibilities are endless. Actually, the possibilities come to a rapid close when mommy gets annoyed that all the bakeware is getting very dirty from being drummed on.

IMG_6052 WM
2. My kids will beg to lick the spoon/bowl/mixer. 
While they do this, I will secretly eat chocolate chips under the guise of cleaning the table.

IMG_6035 WM
3. Flour 
Flour in the hair, flour on the chair, flour on the face, flour in seemingly unreachable crevices. 

IMG_6075 WM
4. Complete silence while eating. 
Many crumbs. 

IMG_6060 WM
5. This Sheepish Face. 
And the words, "Mommy more?"

IMG_6101 WM
6. Naomi taking forever to eat one cookie. 
 Maybe she is savoring the delicate nuances of the Nestle Toll House recipe I used off the back of the bag. 
Maybe she's reveling in the awesome baker her mom is.
Actually, she's just a really slow eater.
Most of my baking experience consists of watching Ina Garten bake on Food Network,
and then going to the store and buying Pepperidge Farm cookies. Genevas are my favorite.

Naomi's Cookie
7. And my personal favorite:
Cookie Smiles~

So worth the mess of baking with my girls!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day - stay warm and bake something!