Monday, March 12, 2012

Spalicious - Full Post

First of all, I'd like to note that I have some crazy talented friends. 

This party was thrown by three amazing mommies for their daughters - all of the girls were turning 6 and shared the same birthday month...and what better way to celebrate than treating the girls to a SPA party!
By combining their guest list, talents and resources, they were able to throw an awesome, memorable event for their girls in one of their homes and not break the bank - brilliant.

The moms enlisted a couple of the girls' dearly loved Sunday school teachers as 'helpers' at the different stations [foot massage/pedicure, manicures, hair, decorating their own slippers] and some of the moms also pitched in to pamper the daughters. On my end, I couldn't stop smiling at all the little details that they put into the party...from the little nail dryers to the white bathrobes, it was all perfect. 

To three special little girls - who are really not so little any more - you are dearly loved~


IMG_0100 WM
Crown and Sign
IMG_0086 WM
IMG_0088 WM
IMG_0116 WM
Gift and Slippers
IMG_0118 WM
Chair and towels
IMG_0231 WM
IMG_0122 WM
Flowers and Emma
IMG_0090 WM
Fountain and Katie laughs
IMG_0270 WM
IMG_0309 WM
E and Basket
IMG_0131 WM
IMG_0146 WM
A and Curls
IMG_0346 WM
L and E
IMG_0150 WM
IMG_0141 WM
IMG_0184 WM
Washing feet and Nails
Erin and Sami
IMG_0240 WM
Sami and Bun
IMG_0269 WM
IMG_0330 WM
IMG_0161 WM
IMG_0429 WM
IMG_0388 WM

IMG_0433 WM
Maia and Fountain
Chair and Cupcake
IMG_0367 WM


  1. this is so cute. i want a daughter. haha.

  2. Wow! This party is awesome and love the shots you got to keep the memory of it! Beautiful eye candy!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Audrey and Christina! It was very memorable, I'm sure their daughters will look back on this with fond memories!