Monday, September 3, 2012

Smiles and Stutters

Hope everyone's having a fun Labor Day!
Some pics from a recent outing to Greenlake...

We are still used to SoCal weather and keep underdressing when going out. I hate to say it, but I am freezing here - yes, freezing - don't roll your eyes please! 
I forget that the key to dressing for the weather in the NW is to wear layers - it was actually a beautiful sunny day, but cold in the shade so she donned my sweatshirt. Note to self: bring an extra sweatshirt so mommy doesn't freeze.


In other news, Naomi is starting Kindergarten this Wednesday... I'm avoiding thinking about it because of the inevitable tears. My firstborn baby is growing up.

IMG_7152 WM

But I'll be busy chasing this one around...

Around the time of our packing and moving in SoCal, Tim and I noticed that Noelle was tending to stutter here and there. It has gotten a bit worse recently, so we've made a conscious effort to work on her language skills. It's so sad to see her get stuck and struggle with language when her older sis was such an articulate talker by this time.

We think the stress from moving and a new environment has affected her, plus she's always trying to compete with the constant chatter from her big sis - no easy feat! Thankful that one of our friends from SoCal is a speech therapist, and has given us some helpful tips. For now, we're making an effort to talk slowly and clearly and pausing before we respond to her, so we can slow the pace of the conversation, amongst other things.

Also giving her lots of hugs and affection lately as she's had more difficulty adjusting to new people and environments. She's been much more clingy to me and prefers me over anyone else - which is flattering, but only for like, 20 min. I know she needs time to adjust so trying to be patient and love on my little fiery buddy.


Otherwise, the girls are adjusting well and loving all the new friends and family they get to hang out with~ hope to be better at posting more pics of them! 
Coming up this week is another beautiful family session, excited to share with you all~

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