Friday, August 31, 2012

Caleb's First Birthday

The cutest birthday bash for this little guy~
His mommy went all out and created a colorful Sesame Street theme to celebrate his first year! My personal faves - the one-of-a kind rainbow Rice Krispy cake and the awesome shave ice truck that lets you pick out and dispense your own flavors (the kids loved it) - such a memorable celebration for little Caleb! 

Rainbow Cake
IMG_3316 WM
Cookie Monster
IMG_3408 WM
IMG_3332 WM
IMG_3321 WM
Jar and Bag
IMG_3342 WM
Candy and Tower
Rainbow Skittles
IMG_3633 WM
Raibow Jars
IMG_3384 WM
Family 2
IMG_3659 WM
Cookies and Hanbok
IMG_3746 WM
IMG_3773 WM
IMG_3824 WM
Balloon Making
Balloon Making 2
Shave Ice
IMG_3881 WM
Shave Ice 2
Thank you boxes
IMG_3358 WM

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  1. I love the sesame street theme! Such a cute party!