Friday, February 1, 2013


Little N has a BFF and it's Blankie.
Blankie goes everywhere.
She has begun to fray at the edges, worn from begin dragged on the floor, tossed and pulled, and generally from being loved well. I wanted to fix the fraying corner, but little N insisted that  Blankie stay JUST the way she is...and "insisted" is an understatement.

Anyhow, I know that at some point, we will need to wean her from her friend. But this is the Blankie that wrapped around her as a newborn, cushioned her falls as a waddler and faithfully followed her into the messiness that is three. 
I think I realized her attachment to Blankie had gone too far, when she insisted on bringing her into the pho restaurant this past Sunday. The pho smell...oh the pho smell.

Anyways, decided to take portraits of little N and Blankie.
I never thought I would take portraits of a blanket.
This is what motherhood does to you.
Motherhood is awesome.

IMG_4580 WM
IMG_4505 WM
IMG_4592 WM
IMG_4555 WM
IMG_4526 WM
IMG_4518 WM
With Blankie BW
Love my blankie


  1. Your daughter is going to look back at this years from now and thank you for it. :)

    1. Hope so :) I hope my photos will fill in the details if my memory fails me when they're older! Thanks for stopping by!