Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today You Taught Me

Dear Noelle,

Today we went to a park together.
You called me "The Man" and had me pretend to award you a medal
every time you went down the slide.
I was instructed to shout, "You're the WINNER!!"
and pin a pretend medal on your chest.

We did this about seven times in a row.

And each time, 
as I shouted with as much enthusiasm as I could muster,
and pinned the medal seven times,
you squealed with delight and said,
"I'm the WINNER!!"
and then you climbed up the ladder,
and slid down again.
And again...
And again....

Today you taught me that doing the same thing
over and over again
need not be a boring thing,
if you do it with 
passion and joy.

Thankful for you, 
my little firecracker.


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