Monday, April 8, 2013

Baking Party

A few shots of Naomi's 6th birthday party taken last month! 
She asked for a baking party and had a blast making pizzas and decorating cupcakes with her friends and family.
She actually drew a picture of what she wanted her apron to look like, even choosing the details like the blue flower and the color red....the look on her face when she saw it in real life was priceless. 

N smiles
N decorates
IMG_6888 WM
IMG_6875 WM

Thankful to God for six wonderful years with her~
Tim and I have a bit of heartache at seeing her grow up so fast,
but we are so incredibly grateful for the privilege of being her mommy and daddy.
We love you so much Naomi!


[family photo taken by my brother]

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