Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Lake

One of our favorite places to go together.

IMG_6565 WM
IMG_6495 WM

She always manages to find a stick...

IMG_5415 WM
IMG_5504 WM
IMG_6625 WM

and get down and dirty in the sand and water...

IMG_6541 WM
IMG_6571 WM

...and let's not forget the ducks...
You always ask to feed them..."puh-wease Mommy!!"
But because my worst nightmare
 is to have a thousand hungry birds mobbing us
and pecking our eyes out, 
I always tell you they already ate lunch.
Sorry kiddo. 

IMG_6590 WM
IMG_5477 BW WM

By the way, she told me she was building the "DisneyWand" castle with her pail and shovel.
Love her oh-so-big imagination~

IMG_6484 WM

Can't wait for more sunny days at the Lake with you!

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