Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little N's Fourth Birthday

It started out as a wish for a 'colorful camel' birthday,
which then morphed into a 'rainbow unicorn' party.
Decisions decisions. It's a big deal for a girl turning four!
We took advantage of the dry September day and went to Enatai Beach Park to celebrate.
Little N loves the playground and the beach so it was a perfect spot. 
 It's always a challenge to take pictures of your own kids' parties but here are a few glimpses of the day~

IMG_4435 WM
IMG_4448 BW WM
Pin the Horn
IMG_4465 WM
IMG_4466 WM
IMG_4463 WM
IMG_4470 WM
IMG_4449 WM
IMG_4446 WM
IMG_4521 WM
IMG_4510 WM
IMG_4523 WM
IMG_4525 WM
Unicorn head
IMG_4539 WM
Candle blowing
All smiles

After the party was over and we were tucking you into bed,
you told me, "I don't want to be 4 all day. I want to be 3."

I wish you weren't 4 all day either.
But here you are, a big 4 year old - ready to take on the world (or at least preschool).
You will always be Little N to Mommy and Daddy though.

Happy Birthday baby
We love you!

IMG_4564 WM

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