Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer Days at the Creek

Memories of Summer Part 1

This was our first full summer in Seattle since moving back last year from California
and I loved it! Lots of pictures taken and trying to get through them all.

The girls were so excited to have some of their cousins from California visit us,
and we spent a memorable day at Denny Creek together, hiking and playing in the water.
I thought taking 4 kids on a hike without our hubbies' help could quickly turn into a nightmare 
but the kids did surprisingly well and I loved seeing them happily enjoying everything 
(except for the mosquitoes lol).
Hoping that we can raise our kids to appreciate and enjoy nature 
- not easy when my youngest is deathly afraid of bugs - 
but I'm gonna try!

(Big thanks to Melissa and Lynna for encouraging me to visit this spot~)

IMG_1815 WM
IMG_1660 WM
IMG_1635 WM
IMG_1773 WM
In between rocks
IMG_1684 WM
peanut butter
JJ sandwich
IMG_1717 WM
Family group
IMG_1796 WM
IMG_1807 WM

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