Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{The JOY of LOVE} : Day 8

Today's theme: Love from the Heart

What are some of the most precious gifts you've been given?

I can name so many, but at the top of the list (next to Tim of course :)) are my two little girls.

For some reason, I always imagined that I'd have three boys. I don't know where that idea came from (maybe growing up with two brothers?), but being gifted with two girls has been the most amazing gift!

Some shots of them right before their afternoon nap...

Day 8: Two Gifts

Praying that they will be best of friends one day...

Naomi is our witty, giggly, perceptive one....
Afraid of the dark, loves roller coaster rides, asks questions like, "Mommy, why is Goliath so mean to nice people?", and in the same breath tells me (with all confidence), "I think Jesus picks us up in his car to take us to heaven because it's far away."

Day 8: Gift of Naomi

Noelle is our fiesty, husky-voiced, comical one...
Loves to take walks outside, wear her sister's jewelry without asking, hug stuffed animals without discrimination and pinch her sister's cheeks with glee.

Day 8: Gift of Noelle

God has created you both so uniquely - we know life will always be an adventure with you in our lives :)

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  1. SAKO!~ I think I already said this, but not only are your pictures beautiful but your writing as well! I love how you described the girls...and such a cute picture of their little feet sticking out of the crib!!! I love seeing how much they've grown :)

  2. They are so precious! I absolutely LOVE the photo of their feet sticking out of the crib, too cute!

  3. Oh, they are super cute! Love those smiles!

  4. your daughters are beautiful and you photographs of them are as well -- the light is beautiful and I love the clean and crisp colors!

  5. Thank you guys for your encouraging words :) Makes me happy that photos of our girls can bring a smile to other peoples' faces! Enjoying looking at all your photos too! Happy clickin'~

  6. your girls are beautiful! as well as your photos of them! how funny, i always thought i'd have three boys as well. i'm glad God had different plans in mind for both of us! :)