Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free the Feet

For some reason, wearing shoes is SO HARD for Naomi.
I hear this phrase multiple times a day:
"Mommy, can I take my shoes off?"

In the grocery cart.
Sitting at a restaurant.
In the car seat.
At the sandbox.

Her little hobbit feet are apparently always desperate for some oxygen.

So of course, we are at the park, eating a nice lunch and immediately, the shoes are whipped off. 


I bet if I had listened carefully enough, there would've been an audible sigh coming from those toes.

Free the Feet


All I can say is, 
I hope her future husband likes feet.

Meanwhile, Noelle, still immune to "shoes-off-disease", is happily exploring the playground.


Oh, and found that cute cap on sale for $7. So happy!
Until we couldn't find it one day, and I had to don my pink rubber gloves to wade through our kitchen garbage. 
Why hello Smelly-Cap-With-Tags-Still-On. 
Noelle doesn't discriminate when it comes to throwing things away.


The girls are playing together a little better these days..although squabbles over toys (and space, like the photo below), are an every day occurrence...

Red Swing

Grand Avenue Park

Can't believe April is right around the corner!


  1. Love the stories in your photos.

  2. beautiful photos! you are so good at capturing sweet moments.

  3. Love everything about this post...stories, pictures, composition... love it all.

  4. Thank you guys~ I always love hearing the story behind other peoples' photos so thought I'd share too!