Friday, April 1, 2011

Heat Wave

Naomi asks me if Summer is coming yet...she asks me this EVERY DAY.

Well, yesterday and today's hot weather has her full of glee.
Especially since it meant a visit to the water fountain with friends!

Shooting at high noon is a NOT my fave b/c of the harsh lighting, but I had to capture these guys running all over the place....

IMG_7038 WM

... or in Noelle's case, running away...

IMG_7026 WM


When you're a kid, even a grate is fascinating. 

Grate fun

Love how little Lucy and Noelle became pals :)
Holding Hands

Fountain fun

It was Noelle's first time playing with fountains and she was fearless.
Naomi was always afraid of things like this, but Noelle embraces it.
Love how God creates us all so uniquely!

Keep cool my Californian friends~

Location: The Shoppes at Chino Hills


  1. Well, for harsh did a *great* job!! Still 50-60's here, but that sure does look like fun. :)

  2. Thanks Jaime! I'm from Seattle, so warm weather this early is still shocking to me!