Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chien Family Session

A special session in so many ways!
I photographed Joy's birth and the very first time she met her big brother so it was fitting to be there for her one year old/family shoot. Both her and Evan have grown up so much in one year!

Of course, Jenny has the best ideas for shoots and wanted to incorporate a glimpse into their 'everyday' life - what better place to do that than at a grocery store? 
How many hours do we mommies spend there, wrangling our kids and shopping for dinner~ loved the idea of capturing those moments! 
We had great fun smuggling the camera into their neighborhood Whole Foods and shooting away.

Joy's birthday also coincides with their wedding anniversary, so we did a formal shoot at their beautiful home and then a more casual shoot at a nearby park. 


Family Pic WM
Kiss and Joy
IMG_5084 WM
With hubby and kids
IMG_5175 WM

In the Air
Red Pepper
IMG_5426 WM
Shopping Cart
Bulk Sweets WM
Mother Daughter
IMG_5593 WM
IMG_5527 WM
Family Walk
IMG_5551 WM

And one blooper shot that ended up being a keeper!
Jenny and I were laughing that this shot depicts life with two kids perfectly!

Blooper WM

Much more to come~


  1. oh i love these, sako! i'm so bummed you moved before we did our shoot! jenny & the fam look GORGEOUS. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I know, I would've loved to shoot so many more sessions down in SoCal too!

  3. This whole set is fantastic, but you're right...that last one is a keeper for sure!

    1. LOL yes, unexpected but I love that it depicts the typical life with kids.

  4. That last photo is one of my all time favorite photos ever! You are sooo talented and amazing! You captured our little goofy family so perfectly. Can't thank you enough for being such a gifted photographer and wonderful friend.

    1. Loved spending time with you guys~ love how much Joy adores her big brother and always trying to peek his way lol!