Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Evan's First Birthday

Remember this family?

Well, little Evan is all grown up and recently celebrated his first birthday at the Cerritos Library!
The theme was "Mustaches and Bowties" and the lovely Jane from Jane: An Event Design & Coordination Co. helped Audrey style and coordinate Evan's big day.

Everything from the chocolate mustaches lollipops to the dol towers was DIY and looked amazing. (I was able to bring a couple of lollipops home for the girls and they were a definite hit - yummy and fun to eat!)
It was so heartwarming to see all of Audrey and James' loved ones celebrating with them - Evan is so deeply loved.
A huge thanks to the Oh Family for having me capture this beautiful celebration~

Evan's Dol
IMG_2578 WM
Dol Twr Signs
IMG_2597 WM
IMG_2782 WM
IMG_2795 WM
IMG_2625 WM
IMG_2599 WM

Cake & Details
IMG_2773 WM
IMG_2654 B&W WM
IMG_3018 B&W WM
IMG_2873 B&W WM
IMG_2634 WM
IMG_2922 WM
Hanbok WM
IMG_2971 WM
Daddy and E
Evan with Parents
IMG_2974 WM
IMG_2997 WM
IMG_3161 WM
IMG_3163 WM
IMG_3077 WM
IMG_3081 WMIMG_3091 WM
IMG_3174 WMIMG_2695 WM
IMG_3188 WM


  1. OH my word! UH-dorable! Love the mustache idea...and the hair..too cute!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jaime~ Yes, it was so fun to photograph him all dressed up and hair styled! :)